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As I imagine you have seen so far, my initial theme and purpose for my website is a trans focused informational website that anyone could access for advice and guidance. I have seen personally with my Mom how many individuals go to her for information about the trans experience because I am her child; this isn’t fair to her to explain everything and isn’t the same as a trans person speaking from experience. With those things in mind, I decided I wanted to center my website on compiling all of the resources and information I’ve gathered over my transition so far.

In the beginning of the course I was very excited to start, which resulted in creating pages of resources and videos. The lessons I’ve learned since then will aid me in my final project with creating a more creative and enjoyable website experience. I hope to include an interactive story as we tried in topic six. The story will be of a transgender child that will include highlighted terms and labels that will take you to the definition within the story. That way someone can learn new labels within and around the LGBTQ+ community. As far as the specifics go for the story, I may have the setting take place at a Pride Festival or school setting to allow opportunities for multiple identities and terms to be presented. I do see there being a lot of different pages or story lines in the end, which is why I will include a glossary at the end or beginning or the story so people may look back on different terms.

Although it gave me a hard time to begin with, I would like to use Omeka in my final project. I think it would be special to share my own transition and story, as well as expand on why I want to help trans people such as myself. I would like to include drawings I will create for the project on the site. Once finished, I will put the link to my Omeka S site on my “About Page” so anyone can read my story with easy access. 

I believe the digital humanities methods I will use will create a safe and enjoyable experience to safely learn about the trans experience. I think too often nowadays people will be “cancelled” or shamed for making a mistake when learning new things. My hope for my website is that anyone can gain information that will help them or someone they know, which is presented in an easy to consume manner. My Twine story will allow individuals to learn through a story and feel as though they get to be a part of the experience. This will hopefully let the new information sink in further with the pleasant story. My Omeka S personal story site will continue to challenge my digital humanities skills while also sharing my story to help people understand what some trans people feel or live with. 

Overall, I hope to polish anything I started and didn’t quite complete or feel happy with. I hope to be creative and reflective of my journey through the help of digital humanities. I will likely use other such skills we learned in class, such as metadata, but Omeka and Twine will be my two main focuses. Any advice is appreciated and I’m looking forward to beginning my final project! 

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