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Pure Pain

Dear God, it is very hard to create a website. Somehow I have messed up my sign in so badly, that now I have to sign in through a long convoluted way. I have to sign into reclaim hosting then that can sign me into cPanel, then from there I can go into my domain and click on the WordPress admin link. THEN I can edit my website pages. -7/10 Not enjoyable. However, I do really enjoy customizing things and laying everything out. I look forward to doing that! I wish it didn’t end up being this complicated just to login, though. :/

Today’s Goal is to complete my About page for this week and perhaps sketch out a design for the banner. Then I should write a list of things I want to include, what pages I’ll need for that, and look into fun things I could include on this website. Perhaps some lofi music or the Genshin OST could play while you read basic information on a page. That would be splendid.

This will be the playlist I’ll listen to today while I work.

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