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Week 4 – OCR Text

I tried my best to do the OCR text, however I feel like this isn’t exactly what was imagined. I chose to take a screenshot from the NYT article about a transman having phalloplasty done. This article resulted in the website Transbucket.com, which was mentioned in the article, to shut down due to transphobes harassing the site. The site provided surgery results without filter for anyone around the world. many trans individuals grieve the lost of this site, myself included, and hope it will one day return.

Screenshot from the article.

I decided to use a free website to do my OCR text, which I will include a link to. I then took that text and made it into a pdf with my google docs. I can see why this function would be helpful to the machine, although I still need to learn more about it to completely understand its purpose.

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  1. Grant October 17, 2022

    For an online article you wouldn’t need to OCR it as the text is already in a digital format (eg. you could copy/paste the text). OCR is generally used for non-digital text (newspaper, books, etc) to convert to searchable text. So – if you had this article from the NYT in print format you could snap a photo of the pages and then run it through the site you found to process the text. Let me know if you try this OCR site out with a non-digital sample of text.

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