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Week 5 – Voyant Exercise

I chose the dhresourcesforprojectbuilding site for my corpus. I really enjoyed the different visual ways I could portray the most terms from the document. I liked that I could show more or less terms.

They told me that the most frequent words were data, text, datasets, collections, and open. I could have probably assumed that considering what the website is about. This could be similar to the abstract in academic papers, but for what ever website you input. I like that I can get an idea of what something is about without having to read it heavily.

What I took from my terms was that the article would be about data and everything that involves that in an university, academic setting. This is a project for english digital humanities that will includes much research, images, works, metadata, texts, and all around information.

This was really fun to mess around with! I loved the visuals of this program. It’s nothing fancy but helpful. I honestly can see myself using this in the future for school research!

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